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Original Mixed Media on Canvas

With influence from Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Exposed series reveals Denne’s expressive art form. The true objectionable nature of the subject creates a sense of vulnerability and risk. This series holds this idea through three important subjects: The Philosophic Poet, the Muse, and Immortality versus Mortality.


The Philosophical Poet communicates ideas and memories through vibrant color and text. Speaking to the audience as the great storytellers of history, an important idea is paired with complex imagery. Therefore, exposing a specific memory or message to the individual spectator, creating a beautiful marriage of idea and art.


The Muse triggers creation, inspiring visual communication and ideas. One is absorbed, gazing thoughtfully, wanting to further unearth the deeply hidden knowledge. The forms of the Muse can be woman or man, inspiring the individual to see their deepest desires.


Immortality versus Mortality is a constant theme throughout life. Technology brings us closer to immortality, but constantly reminds us it will live on far after we are gone. The machine, undying moving parts, gives us the ability of gods, going

faster and farther than we ever could without it. The flower, in contrast, is a living thing that will eventually die. With the cycle of life however, through rebirth, immortality is achieved.


The spiritual journey one travels within these paintings unifies all aspects of our existence. Denne incorporates several styles of graffiti and textural patterns in order to communicate with his audience. The broad range of human, robotic, and angelic figures paired with the mandala symbolism combines emotion with logic, and death with life. Some figures have wings, bones, robot limbs, and halos; they are pieced together by reality, myths, and legends of life. All their parts are exposed so that we can see the nature within and identify them within our own selves. 


Detroit, MI

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