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Contrast & Dialogue
Black and White Original Oil on Canvas

This abstract expressionism series showcases Denne’s action style painting. With influence from Willem de Kooning’s Woman series, Denne creates works of art in black and white with limited color. The white being pure light; the black an absence of light.


Denne believes that Line can be infinite or finite, symbolizing various things. For instance, straight lines show power and control, while curved lines are more imaginative, flexible and feminine. Diagonal lines show restless and uncontrolled energy, while zigzag lines create excitement and intense movement. All of these emotions and characteristics can be seen in Denne’s Contrast & Dialogue series. He states, “Circular and rounded shapes convey harmony, while square and flat shapes convey stronger emotions. Sharp edges like diamonds or triangles are powerfully expressive and carry energy on the canvas.”


Denne became acutely aware of how the word “line” and the image of “line” is represented in language while working on the Contrast & Dialogue series. Denne remarks, “The lines on your palms are used to read into your future and what kind of person you might be, just like the lines on the canvas give insight into our personalities.”


The Contrast & Dialogue series is a response to how “line” is represented, seen, and heard in our lives.

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